Saturday, July 31, 2004

::some stories can change your life::

watching 4 dvds at home was what i did over the weekend.
the cloudy skies and laziness were good excuse to be indoors, besides, there was much food and snacks at home, so why not.

i started the movie marathon with "the legend of suriyothai"- a beautiful movie which was set in 16th century Thailand, this historical epic is about Queen Suriyothai, a queen who stood by her King and her politics (if you may call that). it was inspirational which did justice to the gentle and fascinating thai cultures and history. it was befitting that francis ford coppola was the executive producer for this movie - the man obviously know his stuff.

next, it was my 3rd time watching "the school of rock", with my niece and nephew. i really enjoyed the rock and roll "mojo" in this movie and brought out the 'rocker' in me. i dig rock music - big time, and i guess it was the early influences of the rock bands in 70s - thanks to my brothers' constant loud black sabbath, led zepplin, deep purple and all sorts of bands to wake me up almost everyday - before i would go to my afternoon school and again, when i returned home for school. best of all, this movie rocks with humour, and the rock vibes are all i need with too many jazz-fusion-house cds in my driving playlists.

always a fan of japanese movie, i continued with a mytical movie called "Onmyoji". this Heian period (A.D. 794-1185) epic stars Mansai Nomura as Seimei, Kyoto's court Onmyoji (a kind of fortune teller in commune with the spirits). when a young samurai named Hiromasa comes to Seimei to discuss a possible plot against the government, the two discover that the court's formidable magician, Doson, is indeed planning a coup.
it was spooky when it needed to be, and the fighting scenes were subtle and showed tht it did not take a hollywood budget to achieve the same effect of awe. i enjoyed this movie - altho' it was past the bewitching hour of 12 am....and the ghosts and demons were scary...

::the movie tagline was "some stories can change your life" - this movie did not change my life, but the story sure ring a bell::

just before i hit the sack, i decided to watch "Japanese Story". i thought it will be melodramatic and slow - and i would fall asleep half-way. i was wrong!

i was totally absorbed with the movie, and toni collette - you ARE among my A list actress from now on.

Tony Collette was named Best Actress in a Leading Role by the Australian Film Institute for her brave performance as Sandy in the provocative drama “Japanese Story.” Sandy is an emotionally withdrawn geologist who is forced to chauffeur Japanese business man Hiromitsu (Gotaro Tsunashima) on a field trip around a remote desert in Western Australia. Faced with a life or death situation, the two strangers who seemingly have nothing in common are forced to find comfort and strength in each other’s company as they go beyond surface expectations.

the story was melodramatic alright (without being too much), and yes, it had a tragic ending - sorry to be a spoiler.

it was quick but it was memorable. without being like "the english patient", it was surreal yet practical.

i could feel the openess in the hearts of the characters and the pain that sandy had to endure. i love the wild australia outback with harsh deserts but glowing red sand dusts. i will be doing that - someday.

i had a japanese story to tell too, but although it did not end as tragically as this movie, the emotions are similar. too similar.

to "SD" of Ashiya-ku, i am sorry. but i am glad of what we have become and will forever cherish the memorable stories together - from Japan, Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. it was MY Japanese story.

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