Wednesday, August 11, 2004 favourite Japanese drama is now on TV::


This drama also known as "Power Ladies". The life of female office workers is given a comic slant in "ShomuNi" (The Second General Affairs Section/ The drama's central figure, played by Makiko Esumi, is an older "office lady" who refuses to be controlled by circumstances and destiny. She is pretty headstrong, but her fellow office workers also have their own idiosyncrasies.

The story of Shomuni is this is the department within a corporation that people don't want to work in. "The Department of Errands" is where people who get demoted for doing something wrong go to. But at this department, the six women of shomu-ni are the last people people want to piss off.

I am grateful to the good people of Channel 8 for showing the final installation of this series on Sundays at 11 pm - with good old English subtitles ;-)

More about this drama --> THE J!-ENT JAPANESE DRAMA DATABASE

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