Friday, August 20, 2004

:: BBQ with the Mats::

The term "Mat" is a short nick name for "Mat Rock" - which is used to describe Malay young men who are so influenced by the Rock and Roll lifestyle that they emulate everything - like learning to play the guitar (usually under the void deck), keeping long hairs, tight jeans and denim jackets, etc.

But of course, we all know that these are stereotypes.

I, for once, have never been labelled a 'Mat' - maybe because I was not drawn into the Malay rock music and fashion in the 80s, or for whatever other reason. Anyhow, I am proud to be a 'Mat' - so be it! I love Rock and Roll and can rival any head-bangers on a good concert - anytime. Rockers' attitude? count me in babe!

Anyhow, my very good friends since secondary schools, together with their friends from their soccer team and other friends we knew when we were all in the motorcycle craze period of 1994-1998 had a 'mini-reunion'. Someone had rented a chalet at Pasir Ris Downtown East (what crap name that is) and had organised a BBQ.

I am not the sort who like to BBQ, I would rather come fashionably late and just enjoy the food that has been prepared...but this time, it was different - slightly. For once in a long long time, I started the fires and I am proud to say that my scouting skills have been useful after all these years. The fires were beautiful and on time, but then, of course, I had some help ;)

Anyhow...after all the food, talks, drinks, etc....oh yeah, some come with their wives and kids too. And you know what was the highlight of the BBQ?

It was Playstation 2's Championship Eleven tournament. 8 'mats' battling it out on the game screen - many passer-bys came and stopped over. It was unlike the 'mats' we were once before - listening to the mini-compo, fingering some guitar riffs and playing stupid games in all attempt to be cool.

Guess if we can't play in a soccer league, at least we have sharpen our dribbling skills with the gamepads.

Instead of roaring our motorbikes in the highway, we drove silently home.

Things have changed.

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