Saturday, July 31, 2004

:: arabian nite ::

- hibiscus juice, indonesian cigarettes and lots of conversation -

after stuffing myself silly with sashimis, sushis, udons and oysters at a japanese buffet at SAFRA tampines, i headed to Arab Street to catch up with my old buddies for few rounds of drinks.

the set-up was simple. old buddies and a spouse at having all sorts of middle eastern teas and drinks by the roadside - adjacent to the simple 'arab kopi tiam'.

we drank (sans any alcohol), smoke and chats. and boy, did we really chat...anything from local and international politics, current affairs, entertainment gossips and bitchin'...hehehe.

total time was 6 hours doing just that. and the total bill....only $5.

simple pleasures, simple life. it is good to be back to basic at time.

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