Wednesday, July 28, 2004

:: hunger pangs ::

it is after 1 am and yet i am still thinking of food.

although i am not hungry (in fact, feeling rather 'bloated' from the chinese seafood lunch with my colleagues), but somehow the images of food have prevented me to hit the sack....and my cat, Sumoki, has been waiting impatiently so that he can join me in bed.

and yes, he sleeps on my bed with his own pillows and blanket.

anyhow, back to my sudden desire for many things associated the taste buds. i blame it on the short gateway over the weekend at kuala lumpur, malaysia.

there, i had japanese, american, french, chinese, peranakan and of course, the malaysian fare , evertime for lunch, dinner and supper (i skipped breakfast though). and eversince, i had put on 2 kg of extra 'baggage' and my face is a little tad puffy.

tomorrow, i will be having lunch appointment with my customers-turned-friends , and we are planning for nasi padang at the famous hajah maimunah 's. my last time there was about a month ago, and i had some snapshots via the mobile phone which will serve me well for my bed-time drooling....


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Mr Miyagi said...

Hajah Maimunah's got the bestest food.