Tuesday, July 20, 2004

:: wires, wires ::

:: 2 shorter k-wires and 1 longer one :: Posted by Hello

Today is the removal of the remaining 2 k-wires from my 5th metacarpal bone from my left palm.

I had an early morning drive to the hospital for the day surgery, something which I have not been doing for many many months. I guess why the 'morning people' love the morning simply because it is quiet and cool, not many traffic, and one can get many things done.

As I had my pre-registration done, it was a breeze - within 30 minutes I was dressed and ready for the operating theatre. The last thing I recalled was the oxygen mask and by then, I was in deep slumber. Once I returned to the hospital room, I was still in deep sleep (perhaps I had only 3 hours sleep the night before) or could be due to the general anaethesia. I was awoken by my jolly surgeon Dr Chang who send me the wires for keep-sake and told me to see him in a week's time, I must be talking gibbrish with him as I cannot recall anything other than that.

I must have dozed off again. The 2nd time was the staff nurse who asked me to have my breakfast and get ready for home. I ate toasts and Milo, changed and guess what, I fell asleep again. I guess the Staff Nurse Delicia took pity on me and let me sleep for another hour or so.

Luckily, I soon woke up and decided to leave (and not risking to pay the full day room rate :)) and thanked the nurse and staff and left the hospital. It was a rainy day and thank God I did not fall asleep while driving home.

Looking at these 3 wires, I guess I must have missed them to be inside my skin. In their tribute, I am listening to Frank Sinatra's 'I Got You Under My Skin' right now

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