Tuesday, July 13, 2004

:: doubts, uncertainty and anything left unsaid ::

the morning went cheerfully - despite the fact that i was in the hospital to pay my dear surgeon Dr W C Cheang a visit at Gleneages Medical Centre.

it has been 9 weeks since the wires in 5th left metacarpel bone (ie: my palm) were inserted to help with the growth of the fracture - due to the result of an inline-skating accident. You can read more of the history here

anyway, the fracture has healed and the appointment has been set for next tuesday for the removal of the 2 remaining wires still inside my hand. somehow, I am rather excited about the thought of going to the operating theatre again. maybe it is the anxiety when one is being bed-wheeled from the hospital room, or the view (horizontally) from going down the elevator or perhaps the extremely cold and loud music in the operating theatre. i am always marvel with the wonders of modern science, but what intrigued me more was that i did not (and will not) feel any pain during the minor ops and will be dead asleep ;-)

on the work front, things have not been easy about the news of my resignation. new projects and works have been building faster than i could imagine, bossess are still trying to talk me out of the resignaion. i am mentally tired and emotionally to cool to be bothered. it is always easier to join an organization than to leave - that's my conclusion for the day.

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