Thursday, March 20, 2008

:: aGentX did London in 24 hours ::

i was in london for just one night on a rather tight schedule, and for the time first, i think that i have finally given in to the idea of traveling for work really sucks!

here was my agenda:
monday (17 march)
0900-1300 hrs - work from home
1430 hrs - amsterdam airport
1530 hrs - depart to london heathrow
1545 hrs (uk time) - arrive london
1645 hrs - check in hotel
1730 hrs - quick shopping at the abercrombie (i know i'm a sucker, more story of that later)
1830 to 2330 hrs - meet up with uk colleagues for drinks and dinner
0030 hrs - back in hotel, sleep

tuesday (18 march)
0830 hrs - check out hotel
0900 hrs - arrived at work
1000 to 1630 hrs - meetings whole day
1735 hrs - heathrow express finally leaves (one trained was delayed)
1755 hrs - arrived at airport, missed the 1810 hrs flight
1920 hrs - flight delayed, stuck at airline lounge
2040 hrs - finally flight leaving to amsterdam
2300 hrs (netherlands time) - arrived at airport
2400 hrs - arrived at home

and back to office here the next day....well, you got my point.
it seems that london love having me around so much that this is my second trip in a row that i have a flight delay

ps: i'll be doing this kind of turnaround trip again next week....wish me luck!

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