Tuesday, February 12, 2008

:: today's beautiful weather makes me randy ::

the weather lately has been wonderful - sunny and cool, and not too cold (except at night when it can reach freezing temperature). i could never understand before why anyone would want to talk about the weather - blame it on my country of birth which has only rain and sun.

i took a walk during lunch today and i saw beautiful flowers of purple and yellow popping out from the luscious greens. i'm not putting too much hope that spring is here, at least not yet as the temperature for the next few days is still expected to be single digit and even minus five at night.

but still, everything looks much better when the sun is out, even though i was freezing my ass off being outdoor during lunch, with just a jumper (but luckily its cashmere! ;-))

on days like this, sometimes you really wish that you have your loved one(s) to take a walk with....and just enjoying what nature has to offer, and yeah, to do what the song is playing ;-)

in 48 hours, i'll be back home - where its humid and hot, but i will be more appreciative of it, i promise...x

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