Wednesday, February 20, 2008

:: sleepless in Singapore and it's all about food ::

:: menu of the day ::
finally, since my arrival last friday i am able to get a peaceful sleep (about 13 hours in total...hehe) to make up for the 'lost time' i supposed.

feeling rather fresh, except with rather puffy eyes, i am all set to go out and shop, and boy, i didn't disappoint, except to discover that what i know all along - not everything here is cheaper.

nevertheless, there were some sale items at ben sherman and topman which i liked (end-of-season, well..there's no winter here, so items from that season is always a bargain).....

after that, i went for chinese new year lunch organised by my office here. nobody (except the secretary) knew that i was in town...and my colleagues thought i was crazy that i just make a quick home-trip for this lunch (as if!) it's not the company silly, it's the delicious food (courtesy of mandarin oriental hotel). but it was really nice to meet and catch up with some colleagues who i can refer to as friends - even though half of them didn't turn up.

:: the "yu sheng" (salmon raw fish salad), before being tossed and devoured, and created a whole lot of mess at the otherwise civilised dining table ::

i am still not exercising and feeling rather flabby...x!

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