Friday, February 29, 2008

:: a rose by any other name is still a stinky rose ::

i really hate to talk about politics back home in singapore, i'm not an expert in this, but as a fellow citizen who still reads daily news abroad...there are many occassions that just get to me (ie: pissed)

this is a classic example:

i wondered how many spin-doctors did it take to come out with this story - another journalistic brilliance by the state media.

(ps: could not find the online news in anymore)

first - this did not sound so right (jobless singaporeans will be angry, again more jobs go to PRs...)

second - let's justify... why singaporeans are not enough (have more kids people!)

before finally - just say that good things, shall we?

just get over it shall we? if singaporeans do not have enough talent pool because of skin colour, bad body odour, cannot speak dialects or whatever reasons...just say it so. there is absolutely no need to sound so politically-correct...we all know the real truth (sometimes meritocracy sucks!)

the brain-drain in singapore should be discussed openly, there's no need to be sensitive about it. singapore talent pool bucket is leaking, instead of pouring more water into this bucket, we should find out what make it leaked in the first place?

let's get real, for once....shall we, singapore? x

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