Sunday, February 17, 2008

:: singaporiffic ::

:: view from our dining/drinks tables from oosh @ dempsey (minimun spending required, i don't think its worth it since it looks like someone's house that i know..heheh) ::

7 different bars in 5 hours, that was my personal record last saturday.

having some friends from netherlands (who were here on week-long work congress) made it all worthwhile and fun as the places that i brought them were the places that i was familiar with, and in all intentions, no pretenses.

it started with raffles' hotel courtyard (for pre-dinner singapore slings ), ossh @ dempsey (for dinner and more cocktails), mox (because my friend M read about in a wallpaper guide book and insisted to go there. the part-owner, mok, who is a personal friend, unfortunately, wasn't there that night), tantric (for look see and another round of drinks) and cafe del mar at sentosa (for final pit stop before heading home at 5 am in the morning).

:: cafe del mar has the looks, but not sure of the ambience thought, maybe it will in time ::

it was fun because i was able to catch up with both my old friends and new ones, at the same time, well at least in my stop at cafe del mar anyways.

you may go the fanciest places all over the world, but without the right company, it will be meaningless. believe me, i've been there before so many times (usually with business-related events) :)

i really had a wonderful time that i didn't bother to comment about the service and atmosphere of those places, but in general, we had it good (i was not sure if it was because of the company of Caucasians ;-) with me). nevertheless, it didn't really matter as i was very happy to meet up with all my old friends and new ones. like the dutch would say, het was gezellig!

ps: i had to be checked 3 different times by the traffic police who had an anti-drink driving operation (which was good, considering that they arrested 29 people that night!) a safety message from aGentX "don't drink and drive, y'all"

:-) xxx

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