Monday, February 18, 2008

:: drink driving arrests - when 20 becomes 90 ::

berita harian, singapore malay's only newspaper (and the thinest in pages and actual content) reported that "SERAMAI 90 pemandu telah ditahan kerana memandu dalam keadaan mabuk dalam satu operasi yang dijalankan Polis Trafik di serata pulau awal pagi semalam?"

Translation : A total of 90 drivers were detained due to drunk driving in an operation that was conducted by the Traffic Police islandwide early yesterday morning.

however, this is the real story (i know as I was stopped thrice by the traffic police that very same morning), as reported by the straits times.

Yesterday's roadblocks went up at 3am, and within 31/2 hours, police had nabbed 20 suspected drink drivers, 17 of them men."

the real fact was :

In all, over the Chinese New Year festive period, 90 drink drivers were caught - and only 20 were arrested yesterday morning.

i really wondered about the editorial integrity of berita harian, and i have always detected lots of tabloid sensationalism of this newspaper, which makes me bizarrely thinking why did i subscribe to it in the first place.

i guess this is no suprise to me since even the death of a wrestler makes into its prime news/front page, that shows a lot about its readers' demographics :P

jangan marah ah....nanti kena jual! x
(don't be angry, lest to be sold)

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