Thursday, February 14, 2008

:: high-mile club on valentine's - i wish ::

while polls showing one in four Thai teens will celebrate St. Valentine's Day by having sex (and the police is planning to swoop on motels, malls and parks to ensure youths behave themselves on the "Day of Love"), i'll will be making my way to the airport real soon for another long-haul flight home to singapore.

my agenda is so busy right from the moment of my arrival tomorrow

  • 0625 - eta to changi airport
  • 0700 - collect my car
  • 0750 - get my car parking sorted out
  • 0830 - at home, distributing european chocolates and stuff to mom and cat, chit-chat, relax, shower, see what needs to be fixed at my house.
  • 1200 - 2200 - work from home, teleconferences, emails, blah blah...
  • 2300 to 0500/0600 hrs - night out with friends and visitors from holland.

so i won't be jet-lagged, i'll be taking these pills in abundance.

happy VD!

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kualibiru said...

Hurray!! Welcome home & Happy Valentine's Day bro ;-)