Monday, November 26, 2007

:: when kids are having more balls ::

as a trained anti-protester police personnel (well, during my national service days anyways) - i know what it is like to break a riot ...just in training, never real - hardly such opportunity in singapore anyways :P so learning how to use the tear gas, whack rioters with big and long batons, and arresting them was all but in theory and some practical lessons.


last weekend, i saw couple of PETA anti-fur campaigners...with their gruesome posters of animal cruelty in front of high-fashion boutiques (although escada seemed to be the main target). i am fully supportive of their cause as i avoided anything that is made of fur - fake or real - and fall/winter 2007 season which is full of fur this time didn't help either.

today, there is another round of many student protesters in front of the 2nd chamber (ie: dutch version of parliament). it's fun to see these kids protesting about the 1040 compulsory hours to be in school ...throwing eggs and stuff with few getting arrested by the way.

they sure learn young, these kids. their voices are crying out to be heard - and i think everybody heard them.

when will my country mates ever get such opportunity in their lifetime, back in the 'tropical paradise' of the lion city...i wonder? too much of comfort factor made many of our balls shrink, perhaps?

never cross any picket line...X

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