Monday, November 12, 2007

:: back to the dutch workday ::

the first day of being back to the office is nothing short but non-stop activities - i officially ended my day at almost 5 am in the morning.

i met up with 2 new colleagues finally face-to-face. i have spoken and conducted job interviews with them over the phone before, and its good to finally put the face to the voice.

one of them turned out just as i expected - a big momma laughter, braided hair, english-african accent and full of joy to talk to - i didn't regret my choice and was happy to hand-over my job to her.

i had a 'team appreciate dinner' at a posh hotel in the hague - hotel des indes. the food was a bit pretentious for my liking and so was the dress code, but what can i say - the service crew were gorgeous and their attention to service and details were excellent.

the photo is blurred to protect the innocent, except me of course!

the irony is that i was the only non-team member of that particular team, but some sort of a guest (who used to be part of that team, but has been involved still in their projects - long story!) - so it was kinda odd as my group dynamic was not as 'tight' as compared the rest.

but i guess after much food and drinks, that doubt was all cast aside. as the only one who live in the hague, the rest of my colleagues wanted to party the night away (as they flew in from the UK that morning and hardly know anything fun about what to do in the hague). even though i am not dutch, but i felt as a 'host' to the hague, it was my responsibility to show them how to have a good time (as all my dutch colleagues have since gone home!)

undeterred, i brought them to one of the sleaziest clubs in the hague, but it was the only one that was opened until 4am and it has poles on an elevated dance floor..what more could you asked for?

and i have to say it that we all had a wonderful time, even though i was freezing my ass off cycling home at almost 5 am in the morning - with all my cough and cold still at bay!

and of course, with a perfect excuse to stay at home the next day :-P

i should stop doing late-nights...x!

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