Saturday, November 17, 2007

:: sinterklass (and black piet) are in town ::

as a non-parent myself, i can safely say that it must really be nice to be a child in the netherlands. the dutch in general, i think are very good parents - and i have seen many instances where parents really have quality time with the kids. no wonder netherlands is one of the best place to raise a children, from a survey that i read somewhere sometime ago.

last week, accidentally i discovered that sinterklass (the dutch santa claus) is in town! read about the dutch history of this famous man in this article.

and you can click on the picture below to see the brief pictionary of the visit that day.

i like the Christmas festivities here, because it transcends cultural and religious beliefs - it's all about being good for kids from 1 to 92 ;-)

can't wait for year end holidays, x!

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