Sunday, November 11, 2007

:: when being on a break really means otherwise ::

i have returned to The Hague - after spending 1.5 months in Asia which included some holidays to Macau and Hong Kong and catching up with families and friends.

the truth of the matter is that, even though it was supposed to be MY break, i didn't have much chance to do so.

with the hari raya festivities back home in singapore, the catching up with some work in Kuala Lumpur, shopping and Halloween in Hong Kong and not enjoying the 'casino country' of Macau. i guess the real reason for my long absence from blogging is that the fact that we have a real family tragedy.

the unfortunate and devastating news that my 19 year old niece is dying and the doctors gave her just 1 month left to live.

it was tough - i wanted to stay positive and provided as much peace and calm to her, making her happy - i wanted to remember the moments of her being alive, not to grief about the passing. after all, we are all dying by the day.

do you think this make sense? am i selfish to be away from home in another continent, another season?

i am still processing my whole emotions towards the whole matter, and returning to my cold and gray apartment in the netherlands didn't help either. i shall not go into the mode of depression, its not fair when someone who is so young and decent has been robbed of an opportunity to live. when those who are alive and well are not grateful of the wonders of life.

after all, miracles do happen. i believe in that, i really do...

god bless, X!


happyamsguy said...

Sorry to hear about your niece's illness. Hope that miracle does happen. In the mean time, take care and I wish you lots of strength.

ms mumbles said... sorry to hear abt that:(
Yes, I do pray and hope she gets better, insya Allah:)