Thursday, November 29, 2007

:: blast from the past ::

as i was cycling from the gym tonight, suddenly a tune kept ringing in my was none other than the theme from 'the young and the restless' - also known as nadia's theme (after the ABC television network lent the music for Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci's performance during the 1976 Summer Olympics)

i remembered vaguely about nadia's feat in the olympics...i was so young then, but my sisters were raving about how good she was, how pretty and how much grace and strength she had as a gymnast. somehow these thoughts remained in my memory all these while, especially the tune.

so tonight, i have decided to review this tune and suddenly memories of the past came flooding back. it was all nice. just like this tune, it was beautiful, but a little sad at the same time.

we are always told never to look back to the past, but for me...the past defined who i am today. having come from a really large family and being the youngest, each of them has definitely influenced me in someway of another. i remembered that i entertained their friends who visited us by dancing on the table - that has definitely set the stage for me to dance on table in my growing up years....

so tonight, relax and watch this clip - and just remember the happy times of the 70s...and keep the gratitude of having that wonderful memory in your mind.

is this why older people like to talk about the past?

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