Wednesday, September 20, 2006

:: a little bit of 'pe-sen' ::

i am not ashamed to admit that i LOVE fashion and shopping - even after the compulsive london shopping extravaganza that has left my bank account well, rather light and my credit card company happy.

so what have european fashion and shopping experience taught me? to start all began with awareness of other european labels and how i have grown to love italian-made jeans.

casual men's labels like g-star, gsus, nudie, energie and diesel have become my perennial favourite but my only complain is that instead of usual size 30, i have to wear size 28...and that is hard because such pieces always come in limited quantities. it was good that the sales folks at nearby remembered this special 'need' of mine - and would always reserve a nice piece should i want them.

i must emphasize that i'm not a label-whole (but i do believe in made in italian/france/japan jeans are better in quality and comfort than made in china ANYTIME), and there's always a cheaper alternative in HnM, and Madonna with her recently-concluded crew became the model for this swedish chain, its hard to see why is it not having its stores in asia yet. the goods are cheap (made in china/bangladesh among others), and pretty ok (note: not high quality).

its also interesting to know that i can fully appreciate what autumn/winter collection is all about. with the summer's going away's time to get something really appropriate clothing (and much excuse to shop) to keep myself warm.

i realised that guess is a rare sight in europe and japan, and this label is already 25 years old! when i was 17 , the only thing that made me aware of this label's existence was anna nicole smith's bridget-badot look-alike poster for guess...and of course, my first introduction to designer's jeans.

i would not comment much about the fashion-sense of the dutch. i believe that singaporeans are not good dressers ourselves, but perhaps it would be a stereotype of mine that the french, italian and japanese are the best dressers that i've seen so far.

with less than a month for my trip home for deepavali and hari raya holidays...i must remember to make a trip to a guess store....and buy this nice pair of lawrence pants :-P

my nephews would be very lucky that i have so many pairs of jeans/pants to give-away...but only if they don't grow too fat.....

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