Friday, August 25, 2006

:: why work and shopping don't mix ::

one of my shopping blunders so far this year was to window-shop under the influence of boredom.

sir mohamed al-fayed of harrods must be delighted with idea of impulsive shoppers as myself.

"fools...all these plebians..who can't resist the luxuries of my store"

with the bank holiday looming away on monday, the office was pretty much inspiring and quiet...with all my deliverables and work are completed - i decided to take some time-off in the afternoon to 'window-shop' at west end london.

bad mistake!

three hours of walking around and only about 30 minutes of real (unplanned and foolish)shopping, my feet were well-worn and tired....and my piggy bank became anorexic instantenously...

i had to seat down and looking at the london eye (again!) before making my way back to the hotel...wondering what to do with the bags and wallet that i do not need.

another lesson learnt : don't wear work shoes to window shop..(i wonder how women survived with the high heels)


Sharon said...

dun noe wat 2 do w those bags & wallets? how abt passing them 2 me? need my address? : P

btw how women can survive w those heels while shopping? tats y shopping r only meant 4 us! LOL

Chin said...

I just bought a pair of these. They are super comfortable. You can walk miles in them.