Sunday, September 24, 2006

:: de ramadan begint*::

* the ramadan begins (in dutch, duh!)

true to its cultural and religious diversity, holland lives up to the expectation.

other than being told in two head-hunted job interviews before that "we are seeking muti-cultural and diverse ethnicity within our organisation and no, you don't have to speak dutch, german or french - even though we ARE a European company, your good English is more than enough..." (hint-hint: singapore employees/companies that still seeking that 'particular' language" bullshit in job applicants).

holland, indeed, does not disappoint in her acceptance and embracing the non-typical dutch majority.

this is my second year celebrating ramadan in holland and, as expected, this year's ramadan is no different, and in the newspaper today, it detailed the ramadan calendar until 2010 - how long to fast because of the seasonal changes.

to all muslims - happy ramadan! there are no frills and food buffet splendour here - just a time for worship and be kind , and to be at peace with one-self.

i will be home, just in time for the end of ramadan - just to include in the material decadence of fat food and shopping - some things never change!

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Anonymous said...

Selamat Berpuasa to you, too X..
How's the weather..? sejook ker panas...?
nanti balik bawak kuih raya belanda eh?:P


oh btw, I is not merajok lah.
Just busy with some other things..:)