Sunday, September 17, 2006

:: a itsy-bitsy moment of home-sickness ::

just the other day, when i was taking a train ride from amsterdam (for a discussion on one of the possibilities of a new job) - something hit me.

i was feeling home-sick (just a tiny bit) since i first came to europe slightly more than a year ago.

and what even bothered me was 'the trigger' that made me home sick.

it was not the home-cooked food, family or friends, but it was a song that i was listening from my mp3, and the song was not even english or malay.

it was a JAPANESE song - which made me a song addict.

the idea of this song made me home-sick was worrying.

it reminded me of one of those lonely projects in eastern singapore where you were working all by yourself (without great and sociable team members to talk or hangout with), the long drive home and to work (because of the horrendous peak hour traffic jam at PIE, BKE and SLE) - and how this song, has made me to get away in all that...i even imagined how would it be like if i could direct the music video for it, and what would i do, should i ever get a chance to sing and perform to it....silly, i know!

i guess it transcended beyond that..i guess this song, and other japanese memories made me home sick because of the countless sunday nights of waiting to see japanese dramas over at channel8 and other events which practically centered around MY HOME.

and that made me home-sick! strange idea....but it really did.

and to relieve my home-sickness, i watched the music video of this song countless of times....that made it much better.

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