Wednesday, July 06, 2005

:: so, London's got it eh ::

I really miss all the IOC proceedings in Singapore..I really do.

If I am home, I would have followed all the live coverage on TV, newspaper and perhaps even might drop by at Raffles City just to take a peak at the celebrities who were in town.

Guess Victoria Beckham would have missed me at the celebration party eh?

But too bad, I was rooting for Paris as I am going there this weekend....guess you can't have all, can't you?


Toshi said...

Go to Paris?
Sugoine, yokattane!
I hope you will enjoy the staying Paris.

Miss Mumble said...

nak itot..!!!
i miss paris.....sigh..

i dont think vicky will miss you with your use-wrong-shampoo hair..:D
tak bleh marah ah..marah kena jual in euro ahh..!!:D

Dahlia Ismail said...

London Boleh!!! Kelakarnya, kat pub ramai perempuan melayu berambut karat melompat kegirangan & hug sana-sini. Tak pe lah. Tumpang gumbira :)

Hey, u belum send your address to me. Wanna include a bottle of Lux shampoo?

By the way, we can make some bucks? i drive yr car and i rent my car. Boleh? :)

Tonite I'm going to Management House. Ada Rhythmic Escapade. Selalunya good networking tapi bab free-for-members yang best sekali.

Called Mum tadi but cina 'meninggal' kat void deck kuat sangat lah. Mum said 'ok lah Yah'. Belum sempat I tanya 'dah makan ke belum'.

See ya!

aGent X said...

Toshi - honto ni sugoi! demo boku wa 'not ready' ne...just see what i can do in paris for only 3 days ;) .. see you online @ msn.

Miss Mumbles - kena jual EUR tak ape...lebih baik dari kena jual dengan orang arab...hehehe

Dahlia - will email you the address, about the car..I am ok, maybe we should do it when I am based in KL after this :))
I can call home almost everywhere let me know when it's convenient for tele-conference..heheh...

Anonymous said...

Eeekk!! When did you leave? *sigh* See lah too caught up with 'home politics' that I missed waving you goodbye at the airport.