Monday, July 11, 2005

:: boujoir! ::

i am back to the hague, straight away to work the moment i arrived the train station. having the office directly about the train station does help, i guess to get things done pronto!

work whole day, just had japanese dinner and now its almost 12 midnight.

dead tired, with the unpacking and re-checking in the hotel...time to sort clothes to be sent to the laundry, else i have no clean undies to wear the next few days.

will write about paris, i, not about paris hilton again, but it's really about paris...the city which i think i will wanna go again :)

au revoir!

:: boujour! ::


Miss Mumble said...

monsieur, did u manage to find HRC Paree...??:P

lancerlord said...

Weather is cool there, so no need keep washing clothes leh. No need to wear undies also. Bah-long-long. :)

aGent X said...

MM - Did not look for HRC Paris, instead had lunch at Planet Hollywood :_ I don't like to do with anything American while holidaying in non-US of A :D

Lancerlord - Cool also perspire undies...can, provided I only wear jeans to work ;)