Wednesday, July 13, 2005

:: mini Holland ::

after collecting my fresh laundry and undies - straight from work, i decided to take a walk to a nearby park called Madurodam.

this park offers the whole of holland - landmarks, famous places, buildings, etc on a scale of 1:25. in short (no pun intended), it's really a good starting point to 'see' the netherlands, in a nutshell...really.

at 12 EU, i think it's worth all the effort instead of travelling all over i am a lazy traveller of the netherlands. and my souvenir from this visit? a marijuana t-shirt labelled 'amsterdam' ...hahah, since i am not a druggie, reckon this is the best other option that i can consider..

and being ever so unprepared, i did not bring any camera, but instead, i took this pics using my mobile, bear with the lousy quality, ok?

and hey, there's the SIA plane too... :P


QuaLee` said...

Hey, It's not bad for a camera phone!... i want your phone hehehe...keep uploading more photos ya, bro! :)

lancerlord said...

It's a miniature land. Like xiao ren guo. The flowers and grass are real right?

aGent X said...

Qualee - that lousy vga mobile phone cam did its job just nice, i think..

Lancerlord, the flowers and grass are real...but be careful to use the word grass in Holland...hahaha

Miss Mumble said...

long live fresh undies !!!
eh, u nvr do the army 'side-a/side-b' thingy ahh?? hehehe...