Friday, July 08, 2005

:: i come ::

its more hectic now rather than back home.

i have not even ventured into the surrounding areas in the hague, but yet, will be leaving to paris over the weekend. i should not even considered it as a holiday as i really do not have any idea about what to expect.

you see, i never liked europe as a holiday destination, and so, because of this, i do not know what 'tourist-y' things to do here.

so later on, in 5 hours, i will be taking the train from the hague to paris and schedule to reach there by midnight there...and i am doing this straight from work...only with a haversack and direction on how to reach the hotel.

i hope to see some pics, if i am in the mood...and if i really like the place, perhaps i will visit paris again by bus which will only cost 39 EUR here.

see you all again on monday...bon cheri!

ps: weather sucks again today....cloudy, drizzle and grey grey skies...


Miss Mumble said...

komplen pulak..
hal-lo..u get to go paris for the w/end whereas we mere mortals back here only have johor and batam jer tau...!!:D

do visit HRC Paris...if u can spot it in the 1st place...;)

TR said...

I must say I'm pretty much a UK person and have never ventured anywhere outside the Union Jack whenever I'm there.

Safe travelling and be well.

aGent X said...

miss mumble - hope i can find that place, then, can send you the postcard from there...heheh

tr - the europeans dont' considered the brits as part of them..hehehe...

SooHK said...

Oh you do not like europe as a holiday destination. i love it lah, maybe I love the clear sky... I hope now its clear... hahaha

lancerlord said...

Grey grey sky better than hot humid weather. At least it's much much much cooler there. Enjoy yourself.

Dahlia Ismail said...


hv collected those mails from mum. I've emailed you the list with details. dont see the need to courier any to you unless you want me to.

how's paris? hope u had great time there

aGent X said...

soohk : it was bright and sunny...but i spoke too soon..only for a while :P

lancerlord : yeah, i suppose so..u are right :)

dahlia : you should be happy to know that there is a 'le dahlia cafe' in paris..i had drinks there... and pics..