Wednesday, July 13, 2005

:: lovely summer night ::

it was a rather lovely evening today.

after work, i rushed 'home' to send my dirty clothes to a nearby indian laundry shop. it was a good deal as they charged based on a bundle. for instance, to wash,dry and iron my shirt, it will cost only 1.45 EU as compared to 7.35 EU of what the hotel charges. even though it is an expense item, my cashflow is running really, really quick here.

took a stroll...wait a minute, i don't stroll...i walk pretty fast by it ended up like a mini jog actually along the beach nearby the hotel. it was crowded, despite the fact that it is almost 8.00 pm by the time i ended my walk. how i wished i have my roller-blade with me the french, many dutch roller-blade too, but not as popular as cycling though.

this is one of the rare days that i can walk around with only my work clothes without the need for a jacket. and come tomorrow evening, i will have fresh rounds of undies...horray!

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SooHK said...

Ya the most important thing is money and fresh a foreign land... nobody knows what will happen...