Monday, June 18, 2007

:: i am greener here than home ::

what i know for sure, is that i have become more environmentally sensitive since my arrival in the netherlands. everyone bring their own bags (or rather an expensive one to buy) when you shop at supermarkets, sorts out papers and glasses and deposit them at a local recycle bin, and gather your garbage which is collected once a week.

awareness and campaigns are just not enough - it's the infrastructure for practice and really having a civic conscious society are the key. we are required even clear our own trays at work, regardless of hierarchy (and i mean, really high level executives)...let's get inspired to do good to the environment and watch madonna's latest video below.

we can all do it...x


Chin said...
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lancerlord said...

Must be well known as a "fine" city. Must link $ to Singapore. kekeke...