Monday, June 04, 2007

:: the apprentice UK and iGallop ::

the apprentice (uk version) is coming to a close soon.

however, there is some unflattering publicity about singapore's products and osim in the episode 3 weeks ago.

i managed to capture them in the repeat telecast last week ;D

look at the subtitles of the tv screen to see what i mean...

needless to say - it was not chosen by the candidates to be marketed and sold :P
so much on uniquely singapore products...


Anonymous said...

There are many benefits in owning a horse, and only some are being provided by iGallop (eg you can't play / grow up with a machine).

But it has its benefits
- You dun need alot of space to keep it.
- You dun need to feed / clean up after it.
- you can't play / grow up with it

I am guessing, it is not unmarketable. It is just not the most marketable stuff on the show, that's all.

Anonymous said...

My point is that this is not the best product evar, but it is not a solar powered touch light either.

Thinking that uniquely singapore products must always be the best product evar, that's uniquely singapore.

Mark said...

i'm still wondering who's actually gone out and bought one of those things!