Tuesday, December 26, 2006

:: my x'mas ::

this has been a 2nd time in a row that i am 'celebrating' christmas in the netherlands...it didn't snow this year....unlike last year (even though it's just for one night of sheer white christmas)....

despite what i wrote earlier about non-gift-practice in the dutch christmas earlier, look what santa has brought me under the christmas tree...

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From Blog Stuff

- among others: bathrobe, dutch dictonary, bicycle accessories, chocolates, candies, truffles, photo frames....thanks santa! ;)

then, its time for christmas dinner with my new-found family here...

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- luckily there's good gun control here, else, i might be shot!-

the mistress of the house was waiting...she's 16 years old...really old for a cat! i hope my sumoki will live this long, even longer...
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what's the use of festivities without great food, my host is an excellent italian cook!

- guests are hidden to 'protect' the innocent ;)

and i returned home feeling very much like a santa....terribly full from all the food and drinks! which explained why the photo was blurry....hehe

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hope you had a great one too....cheers!

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