Saturday, December 16, 2006

:: straight from airport, and on with a new toy ::

as i am back in singapore for just one week, now it is the time to stock up with my gadgets and christmas shopping, of course!

always the impulsive shopper, i could not wait for the samsung sgh-600i as the launch, i presume, will be way too late.

i have decided to invest in dopod c720w instead (aka HTC Excalibur and T-mobile Dash) - and while i could save the GST (just SGD50 though) by making a reservation at the changi airport (since i'm returning to holland again this saturday. i just decided to buy immediate, less than 3 hours after i finally reached home after a tedious and lack-of-sleep 13 flight from amsterdam.

i just have to say that i really like this new gadget of mine - the greatest appeal to me is its sleek and slick design, followed by its wi-fi capabilities.

i'm going to be a very happy man this christmas with my new toy....

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