Saturday, December 02, 2006

:: a singaporean dreaming ::

i am back in holland once more.

and its strange that despite being back for almost 1 month, i really did not have the mood to blog at all. no need to share about my mundane and uninspiring reservist duties (george bush was in town, then), how the shopping experience in singapore has changed (for the better), and if there's anything that i miss back home (the usual suspects - loved ones and my cat).

perhaps its the bleak and gray autumn skies in holland that make me in better mood to continue blogging, oh well....drama-mama!

anyhow, one of the best things about flying SIA is the krisworld entertainment systems. i like to watch those art movies, ie: non-commercial-hollywood types, and i'm glad to say that i am really happy to have watched singapore dreaming.

i've watched it twice during the 13 hour flight to amsterdam, and i must say that this is the best singaporean film that i've ever seen.

it's real, authentic and moving- without the artsy-fartsy/drama-mama art-film wanna be directed by other singaporeans before.

it's the joy of real story telling, coupled with great actors and excellent job in marshing singlish-hokkien and mandarin dialogues. kudos to the excellent production team, directorship and scripting.

i love it! and i know that i'm late to catch it much earlier on - despite its excellent reviews.

go it and didn't say that i told you so.

cheers...for now

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