Thursday, January 24, 2008

:: send the clouds away ::

i have not been 'chatty' this month, as evident from my lack of any updates lately.
after all the 'highs' of december and lots of party and fun at the start of the new year, this month is depressing personally for me. i shall not dwell about it (i've never been public about my personal life in here anyway), but let's just say that 'when the lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes'.

other than that little bump, things are very much good for me, especially when career is concerned, i'm going to move to a new project which will mean more traveling globally and a personal challenge of new role and responsibilities. so i don't really understand why do i get depressed a lot, until i realise that i might be suffering from SAD also known as winter depression. i like to stay in the house, do not go out at all (other for grocery shopping) and my apartment is a total mess. i will be lazing around whole day in my bathrobe, laying on the couch watching tv or in bed reading...

with all the gloomy and darkness surround most of the time, it's not suprising that 40% of the dutch feel more depressed in january than in other months. if not for my weekly routine of going to the gym, i think i would have ended up being more depressed than ever before. fortunately i'm not suicidal and i have started to pick up the pieces (including change the blog look a bit) and booking for a flight home to singapore soon and get away from this c**t weather, even thought it will just be a week before i return.

ps: do not listen to amy winehouse when you are having the blues...x! you might ended up taking crack

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