Saturday, January 26, 2008

:: for you, a thousand times over...:::

i have just watched the kite runner movie tonight and the cinema was not-suprisingly, a full-house. and boy! the movie didn't disappoint, and having read the book twice (once with audio book in my iPod), my tears just could not stop flowing...which was not embarrassing for some reason as many in the cinema were sniffling too :) and my personal circumstances now (i went with the movie who is 'my kite runner' ...makes it even more emotional somehow)

i wanted to wait and watch this back home in Singapore (due to afraid that there will be no English subtitles for the Afghani and Pakistani dialects, but luckily it was 'defaulted' in the movie)...and of course the more expensive ticket prices here :)

this was one movie where i would recommend to everyone - you just need to watch it once. even if you have read the book before, the timing of the movie i felt was just nice. the cinematography was superb and the casting (especially the young hassan, ahmad khan mahmoodzada who won the critics choice award 2007 for the best child actor) was excellent and i can't wait to get my hands on the soundtrack.

just like the book, it didn't fail and it kept my spirits up and i do feel a lot better now.

ps: i hope to be back on this week for a short trip for family and chinese new year with friends (and of course to catch the sun)... after that, i think i will be terribly busy at work shutting between the hague and london :(


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ms mumbles said...

oh yes! yes!
it's opening here this thurs and i am soooo going to watch it with my girlfriends and yes, we need to bring our tualas! hahaa.. (tissue confem tak cukop)

so it was tt good huh?
cant wait..cant wait to see amir n hassan come alive and cry my eyes out......sigghh..