Wednesday, January 30, 2008

:: amsterdam, my neglect ::

i think that amsterdam is not given enough respect from yours truly.

throughout my stay in the netherlands since 2005, i could actually count the number of times that i've been there. it has nothing to do with the distance (about 50 minutes by speed train, taking MRT from Choa Chu Kang to City Hall is longer than that), or the transport cost (it's fully expendable anyways) and it's more lively and modern than most dutch cities (that's why it's a tourist-trap).

besides the usual tourist haunts of the red-light districts, the coffeeshop where you can smoke weed till you get enough high and more sex shops/clubs, amsterdam boasts fine and wonderful bars and restaurant.

case in point: last weekend, my colleagues 'forced' me to get out of the hague for some drinks and dinner....little did i know that the night out will ended up of me returning at home at 8 am the next morning....and with that...enough said.

here's what i had for dinner at morlang

and pre-club drinks at herengracht bar before i can't recall what happened next ;P

i told myself that i should make more weekend trips to this most-misunderstood city....x

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