Tuesday, September 18, 2007

:: prinsjedag today ::

today is the day where the queen of netherlands delivers her speech from the throne to joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives.

but that is not the highlight.

the highlight is the procession of the golden coach and you can see the photos here...

you see, on the stroke of one, the Queen, normally accompanied by other members of the Royal House, leaves Noordeinde Palace for the Binnenhof, escorted by court dignitaries and a military escort of honour. it's a truly spectacular sight for the royal fans and admirers alike (like me).

but this year, i decided not to go, even despite the sunny but albeit cold weather today. i decided just to say at home in my bathrobe and watched it live on the television.

i had already seen it before, when i first came here in 2005 and the closest photo that i got then was the one shown below.

having lived and work in the hague for more than 2 years now, it's really nice to see so many dutch and tourists alike visiting this lovely and historic city for today's event.

i went to KFC after the procession (tuesday being my chicken dinner night) and i saw a lot of them are waiting for the ministers for the post-senate discussions, and this is just opposite the american book centre where i frequent on a weekly basis.

to me, its not an attraction since believe it or not, i have met so many of these politicians in the hague at the surrounding cafes and bars near to the binnehoft. and i think i am beginning to really feel like a local 'hagueian' after all.

i love it to be at the place where the queens and other important government people walk and move around freely. i even cycle so many times at the route where the golden carriage passes just once and year - and yet, i don't even know and see where my president and prime minister go to their daily office back home in singapore...and its sad.

how i hate the elitist government folks back home...i have seen so many of the government offices and monuments here than i have ever been in all my life back home. we should have a monument's day too...


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