Monday, September 03, 2007

:: a diplomatic weekend ::

i was at a friend's farewell do last friday.

as the consultate general of the australia embassy in the netherlands, it was time for him to go home after 3 years of glorious and wonderful experience here.

just like so many people that i know here, i met him and his partner from a regular bar. and indeed, there were many familiar faces from the bar - including the owner, Rob, at my friend's party.

as a diplomat, my friend has one of the best addresses in the hague, but nevertheless, it was still a bicycle ride for me, even with my suits on :) he clearly knows his diplomatic skills well and an excellent host - ensuring that everyone has enough drinks, snacks, company, chit-chats, etc.

and then, a stranger came to me and offered his handshake and said "Hi, I'm Stephen..."

not knowing who he was, we spent some good time talking about a lot of things really, like the maiden flight of airbus A380 from Singapore to Australia, the concept of time and space, his last trip home (with the prince and princess of netherland) australia, singapore, etc....

he excused himself and proceeded to 'meet people who he has not met before' and still i have no clue what he does for a living (nor i cared really).

only later i was told that he was the australia embassador here ;-) and people who worked with him said that he's a natural nice guy...a real diplomat...

and i have to say, that i'm very impressed - to experience a true-blue diplomacy at its best, and makes me wonder why some of my singaporean counterparts are still stuck-ups.

diplomats or a pauper, it always pays to make someone happy and be cordial and polite to everyone....everytime.

that was my diplomatic weekend, at its best...

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