Tuesday, September 11, 2007

:: last weekend round-up - Malaysian food festival ::

since i missed it for the past two years, i decided to pay a visit to the malaysian embassy this time. as i never really missed any asian food from singapore, it was still nice to be able to enjoy the familiar cuisines (but terribly expensive..nasi lemak is 25EU while it is only 0.5o cents for the same standard in KL). the food was good, but cold...and the indian summer temperature didn't help either..

the malaysian expats that i met there were nice.
and as usual, i spoke to them in bahasa malaysia, they replied in english!
maybe being from singapore makes them think they we only speak english or mandarin....even when my bahasa malaysia is of united nations standards :P

malaysia boleh!


Lil'rampage said...

hey comrade!

is this thing still going on? i read in The Times that it goes on for 3 weeks. would love to take a look!


aGent X said...

The festival lasted 3 weeks, but its spread across Netherlands in various Malaysian restaurant.

The "Open House" at the Malaysian embassy only lasted the weekend :)

Have fun...