Tuesday, March 20, 2007

:: itching for a weekend trip ::

photo credits : patrick mooney/Toerisme Brugge
even though belgium is next door to holland, i never thought much of it as a holiday destination. yes, brussels is an important city of EU, being the HQ - and the idea of having lots of belgian chocolates and the sights and all that. while antwerp is famous for its 'happy' parties , but i am considering of going to brugge.

brugge is described as the 'venice of the north' and it is one of Europe's most important landmarks as the city centre has hardly changed since the Middle Ages

and i think i'm sold by simply looking at these gorgeous photos. but then again, it does look like the hague, netherlands too.... :)

and you know that the fictional supervillain, doctor evil, from the austin powers movie series, is also supposed to be from the bruges ;)