Thursday, May 24, 2007

:: spring is here, and so are the flies ::

there has been so many on-goings (and photos) for the past few weeks, but i have been too lazy to do any blogging simply because of the sheer distractions from
other forms of entertainment (ie: my digital cable subcription with over 400
channels, including porn :P among others)
and now that my home internet connection has finally legit!, no more free wi-fi courtesy of the neighbours.

the dutch weather is still as confusing as ever, it's bright and sunny on one day, rain, cloudy and dull on the next. i guess its like a puberty transition, and to be told that you will not have any more pimples once you have passed your adolescence (NOT!)

despite the continual confusion on what to wear (to suit the weather of course), i have managed to spend past few weeks doing the followings:

- visited and shopped at one the largest Ikea in Europe (possibly the world), where i saw a singaporean designer's product being sold ;)

- almost 2 hour drive to het loo palace (no, it's not a giant toilet, but the former royal residence for the Stadtholder Willem, known to English-language readers as William III of Orange and his consort Mary II Stuart, who became King and Queen of England in 1689.

- bicycling from one stage to another at the hague jazz festival (where i managed to catch Spyro Gyra and Gare Du Nord performances for free!)

and of course, the highlight for all asian-descendants in the netherlands - Pasar Malam Besar. the orkestra melayu singapura performed there too ;)

i will try to share some photos of those events in my next post...muah!

live life, life is good!

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