Wednesday, February 08, 2006

:: of cartoons and cookies ::

I’ve had it! Enough is enough.

The caricature of the Prophet and mocking him in a newspaper is as serious and distasteful as the publication of child pornography, incest and mocking the Holocaust victims and other religious figures.

But the expectation by some Muslims that we are living in a Muslim world and expect everyone to understand and practice Islamic way of life is an outright and gross exaggeration.

Grow up! We are living in an eco-system that thrives on differences – be it culture, traditions, rules and norms.

Go on, be a baby…. burn more buildings and kill more people just because you are angry and bloody freaking hypersensitive.

Be over-board and let the stereotype that Islam is a religion of violence persists. For the non-Muslims, please do not equate Middle East with Islam.

Terrorists ain't no brothers of mine, civilised human beings regardless of creed, religious affiliations and faith are.

As for me, I will still enjoy my Danish cookies and yes, I am a Muslim too. Happy?

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