Tuesday, April 10, 2007

:: long easter weekend and rich thoughts ::

the great easter weekend has given a lot of opportunity to go for long walks and day-dreaming.

i was inspired with the singapore's government announcement of the pay rise of her ministers and prime minister which was between 14% to 33% (and more if you look at the next increment proposed in 2008)

the objects of my day-dreaming was the ambassadors' houses here in the hague - and i am somewhat happy that i can go upclose to their houses (at the gates even) and took photographs without having any policemen to take you away, unlike the forever anal singapore authorities.

click for the pics if you want to know the description...

From Blog Stuff

it's fortunate that singapore does not have an embassy in holland, he is based in belgium to cover the benelux region (belgium/netherlands and luxemborg). i wonder if singapore would to have one, how it will look like.

and i'm sure the rational of not having an embassy to cut cost. or is it really to cut cost, now that we have the (one of the) highest paid government in the world....

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