Tuesday, August 08, 2006

:: should i stay or should i go ::

i'm in a dilemma with these 2 options right now:

1) a job offer to be based in europe - better $$ and benefits, but also means a lot of tax! more travel and being away from home much longer time, missing my family and cat!

2) stay as it is - singapore $$ (damn!) but expat benefits....but god-knows when will this project ever ends (i was supposed to be here for 3 months...end up a year now!)

so, what say you? any inspirations?


Chin said...

I would go but that's me.

Sharon Toh said...

ya, i'll go IF i m single & carefree..well, since u r single & carefree, y not just go?

btw, when's the Madonna concert??

Anonymous said...

bro, i'd take up the europe stint.

you're free n single and this thing doesnt come every darn time...
how often will this thing crop up again, huh?
so i say, go get 'em, tiger..!