Thursday, July 13, 2006

:: hiatus and summer's here ::

it's been a long 2 month''s hiatus.

since my last entries, the following events happened:

  • i finally got my own apartment in holland (3rd time lucky ...patience and being little picky do help)
  • return (briefly) to singapore (for the great singapore sale, annual medical check-up for my cat at the vet, the opening game of the world cup and catching up with loved ones).
  • no longer having my own wi-fi (had to tap from neighbour's though :0()
  • learning how to cook...still learning
  • officially attended dutch lessons
  • a swell house-warming party with about 30 guests
  • world cup fever (and disappointment) in holland.

there are too many things to write to even begin...guess I would just upload some pics from now on .

after all, that was how i originally started blogging way back november 2003.


IZ Reloaded said...

Congrats on the apartment mate! Now I know who to approach if I'm going to Holland for holidays.

aGent X said...

Iz- U are always welcome....let me know in advance so that I can stock up the weed...hehe

Anonymous said...

yup..congrats on the got lobang oready if i want to go holland....:P