Thursday, July 27, 2006

:: basikal tua (the old bicycle / de oude fiets)

i have been using bicycle as the major mode of transport in holland for the past 1 year, and it really didn't make me feel wanting to ever own a car here. (although i do miss my 2 weeks' old car when i had to leave home last year!)

i enjoy the convenience of it all (except getting caught in a rain once!) and the sights and sounds that cycling provides. because of the hot and humid summer lately, i have been using the 'forest' route on the way to work from home. it was actually a much more pleasant and shorter-time actually since you do not have to stop at many traffic lights!

it is also when i realised that i am taking my bicycle rides for granted....and so, i am sharing with you some pictures from the cycle ride at Haagse bos, which is just beside to my place.

the official palace of the queen! (her majesty and family are away on holidays in italy, as the royal flag was not raised up)

what i see or fail to see at times.

thanks you ol' bicycle....for taking the time with me to smell the roses...

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