Friday, December 30, 2005

:: Festive and New Year Greetings ::

I am back...well, just for this post.

Right now, I am on holidays...but strangely it is in the same place that I have been before for 4 are right, it's the same old Den Haag in Holland.

It's winter now, means that the weather is not as kind as the summer and autumn previously, but then again, I am back here - not for work, but just pure leisure.

Well, the reason for this is to really find out if I could settle down live and stay and work for a couple of years....Singapore and KL do not excite me - both socially and professionally.

I need to have 4 seasons, but then, perhaps it is just an excuse to get away and go on with life's new experiences.

To all of you...Have a Great 2006! May we be in touch again....cheers!

:: aGentX ::


Dahlia said...

Assalamualaikum, happy new year. semuga sihat, gembira, berjaya dan aman sentosa. can you get something for me at DFS when you return to Spore? if that Dior bag is 'dirt' cheap in Paris, etc. boleh belikan?

ahmad said...

A very happy white New Year to you, my friend! Hope you find what you're looking for in Holland!

mattandres0301 said...

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Ms J said...

dude....surely there is a LOVE interest that excite you over in Den Haag....

KL and Singapore will surely miss a unique character like yours here!
Write a post n that!