Sunday, October 16, 2005

:: blogging seems to be the hardest word::

it took me quite a while to realise it that i am really in the hague, holland.

and it really happened when i was helping a friend to move to his new home...while carrying stacks of boxes, fixing up bookshelves and mending doors.

while driving up to his place with other friends, i realised that there are so many things in holland which i have not ventured at all. i guess you could see it from my lack of photographs in my blog and the lack of posts to writewhat i did, saw and experience.

yes..there have been incidents - such as a colleague who discovered a dead man's body at her hotel room balcony, my bicycle accident which has left a bruise on my right knee, the weird noises at my hotel room, the fashionable frenzy when the weather gets cold, the dutch cheer until my throat went silly while watching a soccer match at a bar...etc

but i realised that i am not really into blogging those things.

it's simply because : i'm living the moment.

right now, these moments are dear to my heart and memory...i will recollect them in my thoughts and blog about them someday...but until now, it's off to living them.

yes, there will be pictures...of my dozens of new found friends, the street, my bicycle and the house that i am staying right now.

but bear with me with the lack of post, again!

as i will be back home for good end of this month and will be in time for deepavali and hari raya singapore.


lancerlord said...

Quite happening. The most memorable thing I encountered when I was overseas was my apartment kena raided by police in middle of night for suspected drugs. Thanks to wrong intell information. Sibey sway.

Miss Mumble said...

but i miss reading yr posts...!!
i do, u know..
i just wish u'd blog often..
but hey, i like that...we should all live the moment....
oklah..go live yr moment and come back to tell us all about it..

SooHK said...

Enjoy it me man...

JellyGirl said...

I get like that too. I'm always too busy enjoying life and living in the moment and then being too lazy to blog about it later!

Enjoy the rest of your time in the Hague!

Landlord said...

Hey aGentX, now you're back home again! Hope you liked your stay in Holland. Next time we take more time to see more of it!
Take care! Work Hard an get your a** back over here!

P.S. Blog your experiences a.s.a.p. I want to relive them too!

The Blah Brain said...

Hey, nice blog you've got here. :)