Sunday, October 24, 2004

:: end of doldrums? ::

I have not been particularly active in this blog for the last month of so, eversince with the new job.

I hope the highest peak of work pressures and expectations have reduced, and I am able to be more focus with things - other than work. It was difficult and the thought of quitting almost came to mind, but I decided that its because I am facing another level of challenges and demands with the new job. It will soon pass, I believe, and I think I will be a better 'workman' for it.

The Japanese "salaryman" are well known for having burn-outs because of work. I know of a Japanese friend who needs to wake up very early in the morning, around 5am simply because he needs to drive and park his car to the local train-station, take an hour train ride to Tokyo, with the many inter-changes of stations. And then, take a short walk to the office. Imagine having to do this both...BEFORE and AFTER work. 4 hours of precious time is spent on commuting, and energy permits, still spend some time at the bars for booze and dinner.

Don't believe me? Read this from the Japanese himself....

I wish I could sleep on the way and from work at times, but with the crazy traffic in the highways and reckless foreign motorcycles, driving while sleeping is not an option.

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