Monday, October 15, 2007

:: overdue bebel gilberto concert review ::

i have not been posting anything for quite a while because i'm simply tired and lethargic - being home with the tropical humidity and heat have made my coughs and runny nose worsen...let's hope i will be alright for my holidays in macau and hongkong in a week's time.

now, back to the concert...i'm not a good reviewer, so just read on what the straits times have to say about that (click on the right picture for more). they made one mistake though...she sang from all her albums...not just her first (tanto tempo) and latest (momento) but also from her second one.

she was MAGICAL, and even though she didn't sing my SONG, she sang my second favourite "simplesmente" and many times i wondered if she is really singing 'live' or recorded - she was THAT GOOD. two of my concert companions were also delighted by her concert despite the face that they have never heard of her at all, just based on their trust in my personal taste :) besides her remarkable voices, oh what showmanship! she is like an old friend who is truly warm and personable with truly magnetic stage presence....

I love love her, and I am blessed to be able to watch two of my favourite artists of all times - she and Madonna. what more could i have asked for? oh yeah..except for no more coughing and better health and fitness soon.

cheers, X

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